Alaska on Film// Denali

Our first major stop on our trip was Denali National Park and Preserve, home of Mount McKinley– the tallest mountain in North America at 20,322 feet. Only 30% of the people that visit Denali actually get to see the Mount McKinley. Because it is so huge, it creates its own weather system, hiding it among clouds most of the time. It could be clear all around and Mount McKinley could be completely hidden by clouds, so to actually get to see the whole mountain is quite lucky.

0000112700131 Alaska on Film// Denali000011270024b Alaska on Film// Denali000011270028 Alaska on Film// DenaliThere is just part of Mount McKinley from really far away. It’s so beautiful and snowy. And below you will see two members of the 30% club! ;)0000112700301 Alaska on Film// Denali0000112700321 Alaska on Film// Denali0000112900011 Alaska on Film// Denali000011290003 Alaska on Film// Denali0000112900081 Alaska on Film// Denali000011290002 Alaska on Film// Denali000011270035 Alaska on Film// Denali0000112900041 Alaska on Film// Denali0000112900061 Alaska on Film// DenaliIf you look really, really, really hard, you will see 3 Dall Sheep in the picture on the right. 0000112900101 Alaska on Film// Denali Thanks for the beautiful, clear weather Denali. I’ll definitely be back.


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